'ENVOYE SPECIAL' focus on PFAS pollution

By CASC4DE May 11, 2022


This Thursday evening on France 2 with ENVOYE SPECIAL, Elise Lucet’s team denounces a pollution of soils with perfluorinated substances, also called PFAS.

Since 2015 CASC4DE has worked on an innovative approach and developed a platform, called FLUOVIAL, for the detection, characterization and quantification of these persistent fluorinated substances in the environment (https://lnkd.in/dwm8PnnJ). This work was funded by the Alsace region and the ANR (National Research Agency).

Today CASC4DE is a partner in particular with INRAE and ADEME on the Ipanema project which focuses on the fate and ecotoxicology of persistent fluorinated pollutants (PFAS) in soils.