CIFRE PhD Defence - Laura Duciel

By CASC4DE September 23, 2022


Today was the PhD defence of Laura Duciel. She arrived in October 2018 to work on her research project titled “Machine learning developments for the analysis of high resolution biophysical data-sets”.

Laura’s research was co-directed by CASC4DE (Anne Briot-Dietsch) and the IGBMC (Marc-André Delsuc), thanks to a “Thèse CIFRE” program.

During her thesis, Laura published an article on method titled “Plasmodesma” that allows the identification of the active compounds and performs a pharmacophoric deconvolution. She also worked, among other projects related to NMR and MS data analysis, on the RESCUE 3 method development ( and on the EU FT-ICR MS developments (

Laura will now fully work with us at CASC4DE, where she will be developping Machine Learning based data analysis solutions.

The thesis manuscript will soon be available online.