FTICR MS Remote Processing Platform

CASC4DE has developped remote processing tools for FTICR Mass Spectrometry and a data exchange platform within the European FTICR Mass Spectrometry network.

These tools are accessible anywhere as long as you are within the EU FTICR MS network. In fact, they are very lightweight fitting on a simple internet browser. Therefore the user does not need to download an additionnal software.

Via your web browser, you can generate your metadata that will be associated with the data generated within the framework of the EU project before depositing them on the data exchange platform set up by CASC4DE.

Once the data are located on the platform, you will be able to process and the analyse your results. Three independent tools are available: 1D FTICR, LC/MS display and 2D FTICR. Recently we added new features using original programs :
• analysis of narrow band modulation acquisition increasing resolving power,
• computation of isotopic pattern.

To be in compliance with the European rules, the data generated within the EU FTICR MS network must be F.A.I.R. (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable). So it is necessary to be able to store the raw data before processing.

Once the processing is done, you can perform the peak-picking and observe the peaks interactively as well as download the peak list.




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