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Machine Learning - Compressed Sensing
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Physico-chemical analysis - Environmental analysis
Impurity control

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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
High Res Mass Spectrometry

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Software Engineering, Big Data and Science

As almost all industrial sectors, science is facing some real data challenges.

Indeed instruments, sensors and pictures collect massive amounts of information and raw data, structured or not. Due to the increasing size of data, current technologies require new approaches for an optimized exploitation ! Computation has to be done where the data is and should to be done locally.

A significant amount of data is generated in real time. Treatment and handling must be performed « on-the-fly », usually without the possibility of archiving the data flow. Moreover, day-to-day datasets are often disparate, noisy and prone to be corrupted by outliers and artefacts. Despite this complexity, our new algorithms, mathematical approaches and methodological techniques allow more robust, faster and automatized data-flows.

Today CASC4DE builds innovative hardware-enhanced capabilities and softwares to accelerate your research and extract hidden insights from your data flow.

Use data to find the answers you are looking for

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Remove the Big Data bottleneck

Speed up your results flow

Save Time

Optimize your performances

Multiple Expertise

Dedicated dual expertise in analytical methods (NMR, High Resolution MS) and software & data engineering

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Software Applications, Technology Solutions created uniquely for Your Needs

Want to know more about us?

CASC4DE, created in 2014 by Marc-André Delsuc and Bruno Kieffer, is a company specialized in the development of analytical methods along with software and data engineering.

CASC4DE develops innovative solutions to tackle the challenges of managing and processing large set of analytical data by combining interdisciplinary skills in the biochemistry, mathematical and data-science fields. Furthermore the company carries out its R&D in the spirit of open science (F.A.I.R. data if possible) and open-source (free and independent software).

CASC4DE also offers services to answer analytical client’s issues. It proposes multi-analytic approaches with access to advanced Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (19F fluorine, 2D, 3D NMR) or Mass Spectrometry (FTICR MS, 2D FTMS).

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Latest News

PFAS pollution and NMR: a rapid and non-destructive diagnostic

By CASC4DE on April 4, 2023

In the context of ongoing PFAS crisis, CASC4DE proposes a quick NMR diagnosis to detect significant PFAS pollution by recognizing their distinctive NMR fingerprint.

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PFAS: The 'Forever Pollution' Project

By CASC4DE on March 3, 2023

This week multiple colorful maps have been published gathering and analysing available data on PFAS contamination. This has been initiated by a group of journalists interested in a cross-boarder project about:

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CASC4DE at the second and final End-User School of the EU FT-ICR MS Network

By CASC4DE on November 2, 2022

CASC4DE will attend the upcoming second and final End-User School organized by the EU FT-ICR MS Network in Lille from 12th to 16th December 2022.

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CIFRE PhD Defence - Laura Duciel

By CASC4DE on September 23, 2022

Today was the PhD defence of Laura Duciel. She arrived in October 2018 to work on her research project titled “Machine learning developments for the analysis of high resolution biophysical data-sets”.

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